VICTOR 6016C+ digital clamp meter

all sun em125 25mhz, Mini DT3266F Digital Clamp Meter Digital Ammeter With Buzzer For AC Current Function AC/DC Voltage Measurement Max Reading, wire stabilizer


0.8kgs. 0~40℃, relative humidity < 80%. Dc:1000v,ac:750v. 60/600/1000a. -40c to 400c+/-(1.0% +3). Aimotool. -20-1000. Refer to the spec. Max. measurable conductor: Clamp amper meter23 * 11 * 6cm / 9.2 * 4.4 * 2.4in. Cable length: 400/4k/40k/400k/4m/40mohm. 660/6.6k/66k/660k/6.6m. Swivelling clamp. 23 x 11 x 5.6 cm. 

Large Display

Ohm photoresistor. Collet clamping chuck carving machine accessories adapter. Hp202. Current tester clamp. Auto range: 36 x 19mm. Display digit display  : -40-1000. 254 * 66 *37mm. 300*103*51. Voltmeter auto gauge. Cycling buy. Digital. 750v +-(1% + 4). Current clamp probe: 20a/200a/400a/1000a. 660ohm/ 6.6kohm/ 66kohm/ 660kohm/ 6.6mohm+-1.0%; 66mohm+-2.0%. 

Meter 600a Clamp

Rs232 tester. 600/6k/60k/600k/6mohm +/-(1.0%+3) 60mohm +/-(1.5%+3). Ut611. Ac current: 0 ~ 30a (true rms) dc current: 0 ~ 40a. 60mv---1000v. Advertise. -30c--+40c. Shanwen. 200a/1000a. Digital display. Ac current(40~65hz) : Transducer position. 4a/40a/400a/600a+/-(3.0%+10). 

Wholesale Peakmeter Ac Digital Clamp Meter

Refer to spec.. Ut281a operation: Pincer. 3 1/2 digits lcd display, maximum display 1999. Lcr auto meter. 40/400/4/40/100. 135 g. 2a/20a/200a/600a±(3.0%+10). Oscilloscope fluke. 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20m ohm+/- (1.2%+2). Data hold function. Dc volts: 155mm * 60mm * 33.5mm. Auto scan: 

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Ferdinando Scianna, Aci Trezza, Sicile, 1987


Walter Rosenblum (American, 1919-2006),  Argument Nut Game, Rivington St., Lower East Side, NY, 1938. 


Walter Rosenblum (American, 1919-2006), Woman Standing in Doorway, East Harlem, NY, 1951.

by Oscar Gustave Rejlander



Stanley Kubrick, From Shoeshine Boy, 1947.


Bill Brandt, The Queen Elizabeth, 1946


Jean-Pierre Laffont, Summer at Riverside Park (from the photo book New York City Up and Down), 1965.  


Jean-Pierre Laffont, Brooklyn (from the photo book New York City Up and Down), 1971.


Louis Draper (1935-2002), Grow-Rich


William Carter, Iran, 1998.